Tri City Water & Sanitary Authority
215 N. Old Pacific Hwy.
Myrtle Creek, OR. 97457

Phone: (541) 863-5276
Fax: (541) 863-5277

EMERGENCY PAGER: (541) 440-5651

The Emergency pager is  carried by an on-call employee.  Please follow the directions carefully and you will receive a call back shortly.  You must enter in your phone number or we will not have a number to call you back.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer


Tri City Water & Sanitary Authority Solar ArrayTri City Water & Sanitary Authority Solar Array - Thursday, March 21, 2019

The Tri City Water & Sanitary Authority's 287 kW solar array is online and was made possible with funding support from Pacific Power's Blue Sky program customers. To see real time solar production information, please click the following link.    Real Time Solar Data

Oregon Water Resources Grant - Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tri City Water & Sanitary Authority received a $16,500 grant from Oregon Water Resources Department in order to provide a preliminary engineering analysis and recommendation for improvement of its water storage and distribution system. This is a matching grant, which means that for every dollar that Tri City spends up to $16,500, Oregon Water Resources will match it.


This will primarily address the addition or enlargement of current water storage at the south end of the district.This area was identified as deficient in storage in both the 2006 Water Master Plan and also the Risk Failure Analysis that was completed in 2010.


To qualify for this grant, TCWSA had to show that this project will provide means to improve deficiencies and more efficient water usage. It is believed that conservation and efficiency benefits will ultimately reduce the demand on the South Umpqua River especially during the summer when the river historically runs at its lowest level. Additional water storage would enable TCWSA to pump less water from the South Umpqua during critical periods for water quality and fish habitat.





Water Line Insurance - Friday, March 9, 2012

Solicitations by mail or otherwise asking TCWSA residents to “insure their water lines” is not being initiated or endorsed by Tri City Water and Sanitary Authority

Several customers have been contacted by mail over the past several months recommending that they buy insurance that would cover waterline repairs.  Be aware that this is not something that is required and not something that we are making recommendations for or against.

Homeowners are responsible for their own water lines from the meter into their homes. TCWSA is responsible for the water main lines and lines up to and including the water meter

It is our understanding that the information from the companies that are sending out the proposals to insure water lines may be using “scare tactics” to promote this insurance.

Surrounding communities have been receiving similar contact soliciting insurance to cover the water lines. As with any solicitation, be very careful when giving out credit card or personal information.



If you have a sewer only account it should be under the property owner's name.